Saturday, 9 October 2010

Preserves and Pickles

I had to go to a bank to pay in a cheque for the beloved. The only branch open on Saturdays  is also situated on a busy suburban high street full of lovely shops icluding fishmongers, butchers and green grocers! Naturally I had to shop......! In the greengrocers I spied some pickling onions, cauliflowers ( 2 quite large ones for a pound) and ther nestling in a quiet corner of the shop QUINCES!!!!! I staggered home with all the necessary ingredients for not only pickled onions but also piccalilli and membrillo.
Onions are in their wet brine;, the veg is cut up and salted for the piccalilli  both  are  waiting for tommorrow when they will be subjected to the final stages.
The quinces are cut up and stewing for the membrillo which when done will be put in lined baking trays and left in the airing cupboard for a couple of days before storing in air tight tins.

I feel very virtuous!

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