Sunday, 17 October 2010

More Preserving!

On Thursday a colleague brought in a very large bag of cooking apples. I took some, thinking I'll make some apple sauce for the freezer. Anyways, by the end of Friday, no one had taken any of the rest so I brought them home. Saturday morning after grocery shopping I cut them up, stewed them and strained them overnight in the jelly bag. This morning I turned the 'juice into apple jelly and mint jelly. Now stored in the makeshift larder...otherwise known as the GARAGE!.

I had bought 1 kilo of small, hard conference pears very cheap at the greengrocers for the sole purpose of making Spiced Pickled Pears  which are a really good accompaniment to cold cuts or with cheese( particularly blue cheese). You can also warm them through and serve with roast duck or goose.It's a Delia Smith recipe and is available online see the link below for details of the recipe. My 1 kilo of pears actually filled a 1.5 l jar.

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