Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Aran cardigan

Left front is cast on and rib complete. Spag bol is cooking. The weather this afternoon was quite wintery...the rain came down and the rain came down. Winter fav was called for so spag bol it was.
The rain and wind has not done much for my lovely tomatoes which were ripening nicely. The branches weighed down by the vines of cherry toms or by the large beefsteak ones are looking weary. I hope it won't result in them not ripening...still green tomato chutney is delicious and a good store cupboard ingredient.
Yesterday I noticed that the blackberries along the road to the station were getting quite ripe and there were loads on hte bushes. If the weather is better tomorrow I may go out with a tub and harvest  some to freeze and or make jam.

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