Thursday, 5 August 2010

Aran Cardigan

Making headway with the left front. Lunch today was left over spag bol with the addition of some mozzarella and baked in the oven till piping hot and browned cheese. Delicious! Cut up the 2 salmon sides into portions for freezing. 2 tail end joints plus fillets. I froze them individually so we can take out the number we need easily. Tonight we had salmon cooked in oven en papilotte (just with the addition of dill, lemon and seasoning) with potato croquettes. An easy meal as the hob was outof action just while the bits and pieces went through the dishwasher for a bit of a clean.
Uploaded photos for printing out at the store ready for scrapbooking next week. Email received saying photos were ready for collection so will need to collect tomorrow or Saturday.

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