Wednesday, 3 August 2011


First batch of mango chutney was made this morning.Woke at 5am so got up and had a mug of tea and started the chutney. Decided to make 2 batches; one spicy and one less so. Spicy one made.The chutney has come out quite dark due to the sugar used in the recipe. Next time I would use ordinary granulated not soft brown sugar.Recipe made 3 jars.

The Plum cheese or PLumbrillo is also made. Very simple to do and cheap seeing as plums are mega cheap at the moment. There are 6 jars and 3 ramekins worth.We tried one of the ramekins yesterday. A quite release at the side with a knife and the cheese plopped out onto a plate. We nibbled some cheddar with it and thought it was quite tasty although we think it would go better with Brie or Camembert and maybe goats cheese.

Going to make second batch of chutney later also going to do some cherries in brandy for Christmas.

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