Saturday, 25 September 2010

A Woman's work is never done!

Washing done and dried on the whirly gig in the nice sunny weather today!
Shopping.....a thrifty end of the month shopping trip to Morrsion's (£20.62)bagged
minced steak
shoulder of pork joint  £2.90
braising steak £ 5.31 well over a kilo in weight so will do at least two meals...waht a bargain price
stew pack ( swede, onions, parsnip and carrots)...only 50p
plums ..again only 50p
frozen puff pastry
and a packet of fruit pastilles!

Beef in red wine is cooking away on the hob. Will have tonight with root veg mash.
Left over veg found at bottom of fridge has been roasted with some ripe tomatoes from the garden and some home grown basil into a Mediterrean veg to  have early next week with chicken from freezer or to make into a vegetable lasagne.
Tomorrow we'll have the shoulder of pork slow roasted with the parsnip roasted alongside some potatoes, apple sauce from freezer, corn and some steamed leeks.I might make some stuffing from various bits and pieces in garden, fridge and freezer.
That leaves the ironing and the cleaning to do........

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